Manhattan Film Festival hits San Antonio


The Manhattan Short festival is a culmination of ideas, themes and messages from all around the world. This event happens only once a year and showcases 10 future generation short films, all with the intent of the directors and actors spreading their names about the globe.

Nicholas Mason founded the Manhattan Short Film Festival 14 years ago with 16 short films and a crowd of around 300 people in New York City. The festival turned into an international affair, this year finalists range from: Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Hungary, Australia, Scotland, Peru, Egypt and the United States. There were 598 entries from 48 countries and the festival is now shown across 6 continents.

“I Love Luci,” from Scotland is a very clumsy romantic comedy that will make any viewer smile. It revolves around Marjory Maconologue (Camilla Rutherford), Luci (the dog) and Tommy Stone (Collin Harris) in their search for Marjroy’s missing teeth. Her boyfriend will be out of jail soon and without her teeth she won’t be able to impress him, so the search is on! Little do they know the teeth are in the last place that either of them would expect. The goofiness and unique intro and outro are attention grabbers that will certainly spark curiosity. Director Colin Kennedy made this into a funny and slightly quirky short that the audience will be sure to enjoy.

Taking place deep in a Canadian forest,”The Legend of Beaver Dam” is part comedy, part horror, part romance, part imagination and part musical. Danny Zigwitz is portrayed by L.J. Benet, as the kid that no one wants to be, the typical nerd. He gets picked on by his peers and doesn’t fit in. But when the Boy Scout troop is in danger, who will be there to stand up to the campfire song monster? None other than Danny Zigwitz. Jerome Sable and Eli Batalion’s short will cause laughter, screams and even some gasps. All in all it will leave the viewer quite satisfied.

“A Doctor’s Job” is a very well shot short film that encompasses what it means to work hard for the money. It tells the story of a full time doctor, who drives a taxi on the side to pay for his elderly mothers living arrangement. This was a fascinating short as it showed the impoverished country of Peru, and the things people have to do to make a living. The taxi driver has to unexpectedly use his medical knowledge to try and help a passenger who’s life is in danger all while being held at gunpoint. 

The most notable short is United States’s own, “David and Goliath,” a true story based on a man who lived during the Holocaust, who seeks shelter in a doghouse. This is a moving short directed by George Zaverdas, as actual footage of the event is used throughout the movie.

One of the cooler aspects of the festival is the fact that the audience directly determines who wins. At the start of the showing everyone is given a card that allows them to vote on their favorite films. The Manhattan Short Film Festival flourishes due to the staggering amount of interest that has accumulated over the last few years. This has quickly become one of the most popular short film festivals and the attendance numbers are still growing. It is quite a spectacular event with superb films that reinforce their thriving success.

For a great watching experience head over to Urban 15 Studio at 8 p.m. on either Friday Sept. 30, or Saturday Oct. 1.  Tickets are $8 for general admission and $5 for military,  students and senior citizens. On Oct. 2nd at 10:00 a.m. EST, Manhattan Short will announce the winner.

The theatre is located on 2500 S. Presa in San Antonio. For more information check out these websites, or