Does this holster make me look fat?

Beginning Aug. 1, 2015 those with a concealed handgun license will have the option of bringing their guns to UTSA. The law change has been a subject for debate both on and off campus, with many wondering how the future tier-one university will handle the law and the negative criticism against it. In an appeal to use the new law to its marketing advantage, UTSA will begin selling trendy ballistic vests on campus to help bridge the gap between the two sides.

UTSA will begin selling both men’s and women’s fit bullet-proof vests at the university book store in a fashion- forward move that hopes to combine both practical style and bullet-resistant safety. Students will be able to buy designer-brand Kevlar ranging from parka vests, puffer, business-casual, slim-fit, flannel and ones with pockets. Colors will include black, desert, camouflage and pink for breast cancer awareness in October.

In the university’s marketing campaign, students will be able to “Test their Vests” and try out their new attire in specialized concrete, steel and plywood ventilated dressing rooms where students can fire five 9mm bullets into a vest-wearing mannequin. Students who participate will be eligible to receive a 10 percent discount on their purchase.

Using the slogan “Life-saving is the new black,” UTSA looks to ease student tension over guns on campus by offering the purchase of body protecting armor for their peace of mind. The vests, which cover only the upper body, do not protect the legs, arms, glutes or head.

“Do these jeans make my gun look big?” continues the campaign ad, in a poster depicting a vest wearing student asked to look at a visible bump seen outlined in another students jean pocket. “Yes it does.” Responds the student. “And I respect your right as a law abiding citizen of Texas.”

For those who still have doubts about campus carry and for those under the age of 21, UTSA will also be selling Tasers at the bookstore and in specific vending machines on campus to help everyone feel safer and more protected. The initiative’s goal hopes to make UTSA the safest campus in the state of Texas.