Creepy Queue

It’s a dark and stormy Halloween night, and you’re browsing the Internet for a movie to watch. Then, out of the depths of your darkest fears; out of the deep unknown blackness filled with unimaginable monsters, right in the corner of your eye, comes The Thing!

John Carpenter’s “The Thing” (1982) is a Sci-Fi horror film based on John W. Campbell Jr.’s 1938 short story “Who Goes There?”

The film is set in a research facility in Antarctica and is a film flowing with paranoia, distrust, and tons of snow as the “thing” from outer space consumes, transforms and imitates the shape, memories and personality of any form of life that it comes into contact with.

The film, made before the days of CGI and computer animation, uses brilliant practical effects that still look good to this day. The design of the “thing,” when in its original terrifying form, is creative and frightening in a way that would not have worked as well if it were in CGI. The lack of CGI forced Carpenter to be thoughtful about his filming, which really shows when you watch the movie. The close-ups of the monster are frankly amazing, and there’s one gruesome autopsy scene that felt surreal and realistic.

The film relies on slow build-ups and large payoffs, and is able to make its audience feel the same paranoia and unease that the characters in the film are feeling. Just like the characters, the audience is constantly made to feel suspicious towards everyone in the film. We are never quite sure who is human, and who has been consumed to become the “thing.” During the moments the thing reveals itself, the film is intense and disorienting. The acting, while not perfect, is quite good and goes well with the paranoiac atmosphere of the film. If you’re simply looking for a fun film to put on in the background, this is not the movie.

The film is so tight and intense that if you stop paying attention, you will miss a lot of the atmospheric buildup of the film. Atmosphere is what “The Thing” thrives on, and it doesn’t put much time into traditional character arcs or action. If you’re looking for a film to scare and disturb you during the Halloween season, “The Thing” is a great choice.