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    FreshíFresh: O.O.P

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    FreshíFresh: O.O.P

    FreshíFresh: O.O.P

    In the midst of spontaneously scrolling through the Internet somewhere along our timelines we found the latest visuals for the new and upcoming duo FreshíFresh’s: O.O.P. Somewhere in Texas we caught up with the Hawaiian natives and talked O.O.P and everything behind the movement. Here’s what we got:

    Q: How did FreshíFresh come about?

    Paulito: At first we were debating whether we should have a name or just keep it Paulito and Ceehayze. Honestly Ceehayze said it and it just went hard.

    Q: The whole music scene, that’s new to you (Ceehayze), how did you get into music?

    A: I feel like I’ve always had an ear for it. My dad listened to a lot of Earth, Wind, & Fire, Marley, and a lot of Motown too. Being around Paul all the time also. He was making music, I just never took that step. Just recently, I stopped playing football at collegiate level and that’s when I got the motivation to start making music.

    Q: Listening to your singles, the chemistry is fully there, 100%. But how did ya’ll transition into working together?

    Paulito: I was gonna say we’ve been doing it.

    Ceehayze: That’s what I was gonna say too! We’ve always been doing it, it’s just Paul been doing it before me.

    Paulito: What we’ve been doing, we just go to the studio and put it on a track. Now its just crazy. Every song we record just gets better. Every time, every session.

    Q:In the visuals and the media, we see a lot of “3rd Coast MOB” What is it?

    Paulitoo: 3rd Coast MOB is like all of us. Its everyone, the whole team that works with us and produces for us. But FreshíFresh is part of 3rd Coast MOB.

    Ceehayze: Everything under 3rd Coast MOB. That’s basically what we all are. We want that pushed as a movement. We wanna move Texas. We don’t wanna move cities. We wanna move Texas. That’s why we chose to be 3rd Coast MOB.

    Q: Your latest single “O.O.P”, it’s popping all over Texas. Where did it come from?

    Paulito: Well, one day we were just making a song and Ceehayze actually said the line. We kinda just slept on it at first and one day it just got brought up again and Ceehayze actually came up with the beat.

    Ceehayze: I had been working on a beat but it was for something else, something different. I plugged it in and we came up with the hook right there in the living room.

    Q: Who’s behind the production?

    Paulitoo: A lot of it starts in the house

    Ceehayze: Either Ben is gonna hear it and put his touch in it mix it, master it, all of that.

    Q: Ben Waid, we’ve heard his talent before with Robbie B. He’s a prodigy in the studio for sure. Do you work just as closely with Ben as he does with Robbie B?

    Paulitoo: Yeah for sure. Dude’s talented all around. He doesn’t just produce, he mixes, masters and records. He definitely knows what he’s doing. He has an ear for it. What a lot of people don’t know is that me and Ben went to high school together. We’ve been doing this since we started. He’s always gonna be a part of it.

    Q: Can we expect more B.Waid and FreshíFresh collaborations in the future?

    Paulitoo: As long as Ben making music, I’m going to be making music with him.

    FreshíFresh’s first official project “808Tape” is still in the works, but it’s projected to have production collaboration from Atlanta producers, B. Waid and others. In the meantime you can catch up with the Texas duo here:

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