Morgan Embracing Role as Leader



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UTSA senior David Morgan II has transformed since his freshman season into someone with NFL-level ability and arguably the best player that UTSA can boast.

At 6’4”, 260 pounds, Morgan has the type of elite size that excites scouts and terrifies opposing defenses.

Hailing from Marble Falls, Morgan came to UTSA with second-team All-State honors after a stellar senior season where he caught 68 passes for 1,251 yards.

Now as a senior for the Roadrunners, Morgan is currently the leading receiver, having pulled in 39 receptions for 456 receiving yards and four touchdowns so far this season.

His designation as the team’s top receiver is made even more impressive when one realizes that Morgan plays tight end — not wide receiver — for the struggling Roadrunners.

Coming off of an overtime win against Charlotte where Morgan was uncharacteristically quiet (one catch for six yards), the senior proved that even on a statistically down night, his presence as a leader is very valuable to this team.

“Before we went out there in overtime, I told them, ‘this is a spot we’ve been in so many times, let’s come out with the victory,’” Morgan said. “We made a couple of big plays down the stretch and got the win.”

The Roadrunners’ grit against Charlotte led them to needed victory, moving them to 2-8. Despite the lofty loss column, Morgan maintains that the team’s record is not indicative of its character.

“Our losses don’t define us,” Morgan said. “We have a lot of young guys, so a lot of this stuff is new to them.”

Now a veteran of the football team, Morgan and his fellow seniors were given the lofty task of keeping the program together in the wake of the mass exodus of UTSA’s original recruiting class.

Morgan credits his positive attitude for getting him through the adversity he has faced.

“As a leader, I always have to be positive,” Morgan said. “Whether it’s by example or by being vocal, I have to do what I have to do to get these guys ready.”

As a member of the UTSA football team since 2011, Morgan is one of a few players who have been on the roster for each of the Roadrunners’ last three defeats to the Rice Owls.

“We’ve played (Rice) three years now and haven’t beat them once,” Morgan said. “I really want to go out and get these guys. This is a game that I’ve really been looking forward to on the calendar.”