Gun rules and regulations are a must-have

In 2004 the ban on assault weapons expired. Included in this law was a magazine-size regulation which limited the ammunition in a magazine-clip. The terrible shootings at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech were products of a weapon with larger-than-normal magazines. Many believe that this ban is necessary and reasonable.

In Texas, lawmakers will be voting on new concealed hand gun rights, such as the right for anyone to carry a concealed firearm on university property. One issue that will be weighed and measured is personal safety, especially after recent outbursts concerning gun laws and regulations.

After recent massacres and shootings, including the recent shooting at the UT-Austin and the tragedy in Tucson, it seems that the public deems owning and carrying certain guns necessary.

Despite this opinion, the outlook for advocates of gun safety appears dim. The Republican majority in Congress and the lack of attention President Obama has given to gun safety is disturbing. 

Self defense is a viable reason to advocate the right to carry a gun and lenient gun laws. However, using guns as scare tactics or as a way to even the playing field is not the answer to campus security. 

Measures can be taken that could drastically improve our safety and well being, such as thorough background checks or the prohibition against certain individuals purchasing firearms. 

If UTSA students feel that having firearms on campus will improve campus safety, they are wrong. Nothing can ensure safety–least of all, putting guns in the hands of more people. Instead, students can keep a close eye on suspicious activity and people and report them before a tragedy occurs. Vigilance may prevent violence.