Jamaica Jamaica


Everyone who walks through the door of Jamaica Jamaica Cuisine seems like a regular, the first true signal that the restaurant has great potential.

Open for less then a year, Jamaica Jamaica Cuisine displays an excellent knowledge of true Caribbean food and flavor, promising a good time to anyone who is adventurous enough to walk though its doors.

If not careful, one can overlook and pass Jamaica Jamaica in the sprawl of run-down bars and used car lots.  Walls covered in bright, welcoming, yellow paint invite visitors to sit in the small single room interior.  Casual conversation will be made and guests will instantly feel at home enjoying authentic Caribbean food.

By no means is the Caribbean brisket what any Texan would expect of the traditionally barbequed dish. The meat is flavorful with the consistency and texture of beef that has been stewed for hours. Careful attention is given to the spices and marinade to create a tasteful balanced duality between sweet and spicy, creating a piece of meat that literally melts in your mouth.

Each dish is complemented with a side of rice and beans, cabbage and grilled plantains. The sides together do an excellent job of completing the meal and add a complexity of flavor to every dish. There is just enough on each plate to fill a stomach and make sure every customer leaves comfortably full.

Jamaica Jamaica is located at 2011 Austin Hwy. Prices range from $10 to $15. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. until 9 p.m.