Jesus take the wheel

It’s late at night and I’m driving in my car responsibly. I have my seat belt on and my radio is at a reasonable volume.  My windshield is dirty, so I decide to clean it off.  Little do I know, there is a wreck waiting to happen right in front of me.  I was highly offended by this bumper sticker that says, “you can’t be a Christian and be Pro-Choice. “

I immediately thought, how can this statement even be celebrated?  I realize that there are extremists in every group, but these types of statements lead to misconceptions about the Christian religion. 

The Christian religion isn’t about forcing people to do anything. The ideology behind Christianity is to plant the seed, make your point and let God do his work.  Just because I wouldn’t choose to abort my child doesn’t mean I have the right to decide whether somebody else should be granted those same opportunities.

What’s funny about this, is we say that we want a democracy and that we are the land of the free, but we are always trying to force people to be a part of the institutions we’ve created.

Because of these institutions, we have groups that enjoy making a mockery of religion. Religion in this country wouldn’t be such an issue if we didn’t allow it to impose on all of society’s life decisions.

Furthermore, the people in that car were probably the same people acting a fool in front of CNN while the Atheist Agenda organization was trading Bibles for subpar porn.

Honestly, I don’t care if Jesus’s brother, Rickey Christ, would’ve been outside rallying the troops–there is no reason we all can’t have different points of view.

Problems arise when we start deciding who is more right. When we begin to justify religion over personal freedoms, that’s when a “democracy” shifts into a tyranny.  What will become of us then?