Music for Haiti


On Jan. 12,  a 7.0 earthquake hit the country of Haiti, a small nation on the island of Hispaniola. According to CIA facts, Haiti remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with 80 percent of the population living under poverty.
There are still some people who realize the significance of this catastrophe. The citizens of Haiti are still suffering. They still need help.
Local San Antonio universities such as the University of  Texas at San Antonio Health Science Center, Our Lady of the Lake and  Incarnate Word reached out to those in Haiti with various relief projects. Most of the projects revolved around walkathon’s, canned donation collections, and sport related fundraising.
While these projects were successful, they did not appeal to the college demographic.
Two local UTSA students embraced the cause and are willing, able and determined to help. Kevin McGee, business major, and Larry Simmons, public relations major have devised a plan.
McGee and Simmons tried to seek a powerful united relief effort, yet could not find any that appealed to the average college student. Finally, they reached a conclusion: McGee and Simmons decided to host their own concert.
“I searched around the San Antonio community and nobody was really coming together, “Simmons said. “They saw: and realized it was bad and then moved on.”
McGee and Simmons have coordinated a Haiti Relief Concert at the multi-venue Scout Bar scheduled , Feb 26.
The Scout Bar is a popular local  venue well known to San Antonio music fans. The use of the music hot-spot will hopefully attract a good turnout.
The concert will be open to the public free from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. McGee and Simmons have also organized various food suppliers to donate for the concert. The food, refreshments and entertainment will be completely free.
 “We are pretty much just looking for money donations,” Simmons said. “We are not looking to make a profit. It is all for the Red Cross.”
The concert aims to collect donations for the Haiti Relief Fund of the Red Cross. The  acts will range from Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, R&B singers and a Punk Rock Band.
“It is a wide variety of performers, not just one genre,” McGee said.
Such acts include Rickey Lowe, Keri-Rap and Alton, Energizer Tha Dj and an appearence from the Umoja President, Derek Bell.
Clothing donations are accepted, but because money donations will arrive in Haiti quicker than physical donations, this event emphasizes the benevolence of the San Antonio community.
 “People need to realize that this is still going on,” McGee said. “The people in Haiti are still suffering. People all over the world have forgotten already.”
Students are encouraged to participate in this event. Whether a student chooses to donate money, time, or food, it’s all to support those in need.
Students can join the event by searching Facebook under the name Help for Haiti: Helping a nation. Students may also contact Larry Simmons at [email protected] com or Kevin McGee at [email protected]