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The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

    Fall into Fashion

    It’s almost September and all the newest fall trends have arrived. For all who anticipate those 500 plus page magazines with the latest trends here’s a look into the upcoming fashion season.

    The key to fashion is to make your own statement. Mix styles and design elements to create your own look.

    “My favorite items for fall are all the accessories, like jackets, scarves, and boots. My absolute favorite is my leather jacket. It makes me feel like a rock star whenever I wear it, ” senior accounting major Amanda Engel

    This year, some designers have been inspired by the 50’s; bringing back that fabulous pencil skirt, knit sweaters, and two-inch heels. But the most defined piece from the 50’s making a comeback this season is the full skirt; a voluminous shape that is figure flattering. If you are attracted to looks from another decade, put the two eras together.

    The full skirt is back but sleek and minimalist trends are also in. Many designers have included sleek, men’s wear into their lines such as tailored pants, vest, jackets and blazers.

    This guy style can be very polished look, but you can make it playful as well by belting a vest over one of your favorite dresses.

     To make your style a bit more interesting designers have taken in a military color palate and structure to their designs. The cargo jackets and pants are in, from the roomy and comfy side of military to the tight cargo leggings and more structured and fitted jackets and coats.

    Fall is characterized by animal print, leather, faux fur, and other wild trends as well as bold colors like orange, red and blue. The way to wear leather this season is with the leather leggings one of my favorite items. If the leather pants are not for you, try a leather biker jacket or a pair of boots. 

    Senior marketing major, Sarah Garcia said, “90’s grunge, heavy boots, long dresses and skirts, the military look and layers are the perfect look for fall.

    You can choose from a variety of boot styles– from the ridding boot, thigh high boots, or short boots. Your boots can have a heel, wedge, peep toe, or for the ones that like comfort, flat.

     Fur is also big this season. You’ve probably seen the furry vest everywhere. Another way to add fur into your closet is by adding a jacket or sweater with a fur collar or detail.

    Animal prints can be considered a neutral item.  Fashion magazines are featuring leopard prints–dresses, jackets, purses and shoes. Some ways to incorporate animal print into your wardrobe with a pair of leopard pumps, a belt, a cardigan, and if you really like prints a trench coat or dress.

    But be careful how you use this wild trend; it can look fabulous or it can borderline sleazy.

    Here are a few more ideas on how to work with the new fall trends. Since Texas is notorious for mild weather, mix up layers to make a statement! Look through your existing wardrobe and find new ways to use what you already have.     

    Jeans are an American classic, and the jean button-down shirt is back, as well as the strapless jean dress. So use your favorite pair of jeans, but for a twist wear them with a military-inspired jacket for a casual look. If you already have an awesome leather jacket, wear it over a dress or pair it with fall’s newest pair of pants– the leggings, which are great for tucking into boots.

    If you want to soften the rocker look wear a lacy top underneath or pair the leather leggings with a knit sweater or a cardigan. Mixing leather with more feminine fabrics like lace and chiffon can look great.

    “I’m looking forward to wearing argali sweaters with a collard shirts underneath, leather boots, wool skirts, and bright colored tights, ” senior marketing major Lorena Suarez said.

    Have fun with your style. This semester layer, add bright colors, and don’t be afraid to mix some of falls new trends into your wardrobe. 

    Remember: Don’t ever say you can’t pull it off. If you like it, wear it, own it, LOVE IT! Here’s what some of UTSA’s students can’t wait to wear this fall.