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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Summer at the cinema

Summer can be such a drag when there is nothing to do. Throughout summer, San Antonio puts on many free or cheap movies around town. So clear your schedule and make time for these fine films.

Rear Window – A riveting Alfred Hitchcock tale of inquiry and suspicion. Made back in 1954, some youth today probably would fall asleep during this film, as it’s not as “stimulating” as a modern, blockbuster film. But to anyone who enjoys mysteries, this is definitely a movie for you. It sits you right next to our protagonist, an experienced photojournalist who has broken his leg and rides out his boredom at his apartment by watching his numerous neighbors through his rear window. It was all in good fun, except when he saw something that wasn’t meant for his eyes. This movie is not one to miss.

Rear Window can be seen on June 21 as part of Texas Public Radio’s Cinema Tuesdays.

North by Northwest – Another Hitchcock must-see classic. A quasi-political thriller that involves a somewhat successful advertising man who had the “wrong face” at the wrong time. This film really seems like the inception of any “political” thriller film and surprisingly has quite a bit of action. Of course, you get some cheesy 50s romantic dialogue, but maybe it will help out any young bachelor on the prowl. I digress. At any rate, be sure to catch this one at least once in your life, so why not for free?

North by Northwest can be seen at the McNay Art Museum on Aug. 7 as a part of their suits and Sleuths Series. You can get in for the price of admission to the museum; the movie begins at 2 p.m.

Ghostbusters – Ghosts? Laughs? Bill Murray? What’s not love about this flick? If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you quickly do, considering it’s a great pop culture flick. There are awesome 80s special effects, and a couple of good scares here and there. It’s great flick for the whole family.

Ghostbusters can be seen at the Friendly Spot on June 22 at dusk.

Some Like it Hot – This film opens up with an action-packed car-chase scene; the cops are after a hearse, which actually is carrying illegal alcohol instead of a deceased person. You guessed it; it’s prohibition and the mafia rules Chicago. Despite this set up, it’s actually a movie about two struggling musicians who just can’t seem to get by during the chill of the Windy City’s winter. To make things worse, they end up witnessing a mob shooting and luckily escape with their lives. But, of course, the mob is out to get them, and what perfect way to evade the mafia than to pick up a music gig in Florida in an “all girls band.” A hilarious film involving a great comedic duo who both fall for Marilyn Monroe (who wouldn’t) and have to keep their womanly disguises intact. In all seriousness, it really brings up the question of gender roles and how women are treated in society, so it’s not just a comedy. Be sure to see it.

Some Like it Hot can be seen at the Botanical Gardens on Aug. 26 as part of the Botanical Gardens Starlight Movies in the Garden series. Movie will start at 7:30 p.m.

Ironman II – Although the first film in the series is eons better, the second Ironman is still enjoyable. The second had too many characters and too little character development. This movie wasn’t even about Ironman, more so an “Avengers” flick. This film had some cool action scenes, some really great acting from the entire cast. It would be better to catch this film at a theatre, as it suits the big screen more than a television one, due to its epic tone. To sum up, see it especially when it’s free. Just don’t go in expecting a masterpiece.

Iron Man II can be seen on July 29 at the park on Greely St and Viesca St.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial – What is there to say about “E.T.”? This movie has been referenced to death in hundreds of movies, television shows, books, and even comics. So I know you know something about it. At its core, “E.T.” is about an alien who gets left behind on Earth and is befriended by a human, Elliot. Elliot tries to help “ET” (alien’s nickname) return home. It’s an adventure filled with heartwarming comedy, sterile government and a friendship as big as the universe (cheesy, but appropriate). Take the kids, (if you have any; nobody likes a creeper) and enjoy this classic Spielberg flick.

E.T can be seen at the Friendly Spot on June 15.

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