Remembering the Roost

  At the beginning of the fall semester approximately1800 student meal plans had been sold.  However, the university did not have adequate space to feed the students.

 “The area that was once the Roost was the easiest and most economical location to convert to a temporary dining hall,” says John Kaulfus,executive director of the UC and student activities.

However, the absence of the Roost has spurredstudents comments. Student concern boards, set up by the StudentGovernment Association (SGA), were filled with comments regardingthe Roost.

 “Their (the students) voice is a strong factor here, if you continue to sing,” said Coach Nevil Shed,Roost  coordinator.

 The Roost provided activities such as PlayStation, billiards, table and board games, foosball, TV, air hockeyand professional arcade games.  A variety of music played over the speaker system. Fridays were “Coach Shed’s old schoolmix” days, when students requested the Temptations and old Smokey.

According to Shed, there is no questionwhether the Roost should be converted back to its original form.”From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., the Roost saw various seasons ofpeople.  It stayed packed,” says Shed.  The Roost housed everything from chess clubs to SI sessions and study groups.

The latest SGA General Assembly spent close toan hour discussing the Roost.  SGA confirmed the new dining hall is scheduled to open near Chaparral Village and Chisholm Hall in the spring of 2005. However, construction has experienced somedelays.                           

Kaulfus reassures students that “As soonas the new dining hall opens, the Roost will too.”                       

Currently, the Roost’s equipment isbeing stored.  Shed says the equipment is “resting andeager to come back.”

Shed is trying to keep the spirit of the Roostalive by hosting activities such as the basketball shoot out atnoon and chess club tournaments. He envisions the new Roost as the hottest spot on campus.

 “The Roost will be one of those placesyou look forward to going to and can’t wait to get back to,” said Shed.

 Again, Shed reminds UTSA that the Roost is”your game room, and we are here to cater to thestudents.”

 According to Shed, students who want to seeany changes in the Roost must voice opinions and concerns.