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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

A million laughs at three-day comedy fest


   In San Antonio there are not very many outlets for comedy that showcase new and up-and-coming local talent. We do attract big names like Bill Cosby, Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld, but it is difficult to find a venue’s and events that cater tocomedians from our area. 

   That may be coming to an end very soon with the 1st annual Spring Break in October Comedy Festival, brought to you by the Comedia A-Go-Go group from San Antonio.

   Joel Settles [now  at UTSA] founded Comedia A Go-Go while  attending San Antonio College aboutthree years ago.

   “I was shooting a short film near SAC and theowner of Cafe Latino [near SAC], wanted to do something for First Friday. I had an idea for a variety show and after some auditions,the core group was settled,”  said Settles.

   The founding fathers of Comedia A Go-Go is: Joel Settles, Regan Arevalos, Larry Garza, Jess Castro and PaulPatron.

   “By the summer of ’02, we became a real group.Everything we perform is original: the writing, producing, theediting of the video from our shows every month is all done by us,”said Settles.

   The purpose of the comedy fest is to bringlive comedy to the forefront in San Antonio and do it in such a waySan Antonio has never experienced.

   “We want to perform comedy and liveentertainment that an audience wants to see on a regular basis. Itis not typical for people in San Antonio to go out and check outlive comedy. We want to change that with the festival,” saidSettles.

   Settles described the type of comedy the group performs, calling it edgy, unique and uncensored, “We satirize pop-culture, and politics are definitely in our sketches.”

   On Thursday October 21st, the first day of the festival begins with Comedia A Go-Go performing their usual Third Thursday event from 9pm until 1am at Sam’s Burger Joint, off Broadway and highway 281.

   Friday the festivities start at 7pm at the Cameo Theater, located on 1123 East Commerce in downtown San Antonio, an opening reception will follow, with a cash bar and horsd’oeurves until 8:30pm.

   From 8-10pm there will be  a comedy filmfestival with a $100 cash prize will start and at 10:30pm, the MissYella Rose comedy play will begin, which is about six naughty dragqueens and a confused emcee.

   Saturday, the 23rd of October, the fun begins at 2pm at the Cameo Theater. Local comedy group, The Oxymorons and Chancla will take the stage beginning at 5pm.

   Later, Walter Campbell and Comedia A Go-Go will perform, closing out with a reception and party around 10:30 p.m. at the Cameo Theater.

   Spring Break in October will take placeOctober 21-23 and a three-day pass can be purchased for only $35 bycalling 378-0055, or by calling The Cameo Theater at 47-Cameo. 


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