Letter: Wal-Mart building despite protest

  I wish that Ms. Erin Hennigan could stop the cheerleading for Wal-Mart and realize truly what Ms. Lamaison wastrying to say in her article, “Falling Prices Kill Culture.”

   First of all, it is very easy to say how great a Wal-Mart will be in a certain area when it is not in her backyard, or not desecrating a monument that she might hold dear. Didn’t Sam Walton promise not to build Wal-Marts where peopledo not desire them? There is a huge voice of protest in Mexico against this one, and as usual, it is being built anyway.

   I have never been to Teotihuacan, and now I am not sure that I will ever go. Say what you will, but when I go to see a ancient pyramid and city, I would like to gaze all around meat blue skies and imagine what it was like to be there and live asthe people in Teotihuacan? did, and as I stare out from this majestic city, I’d like for one brief moment not to see the face of globalism bastardize a precious monument.


Marco Piña