Language not suitable for publication

Reference your February 14, 2012 Opinion Page, specifically your Editorial and the Photo Poll. I am tremendously disappointed in the lack of journalistic sophistication and professionalism that these two items reflect.

Regarding the editorial on the use of powerful words in frivolous circumstances, I thought this article a well-written, well-intentioned commentary on a specific use of words in both written and oral communication. That is, until I read the final paragraph quoting of a curse word. In my view, this reflected a lack of a sense of propriety and common sense, and lowered the communicative standards of The Paisano to the same gutter level as that of the person you were quoting. Surely, you are aware of the technique of paraphrasing and using such devices as “(expletive deleted)” when quoting what I refer to as “trash words.” Do you rationalize such lack of communication skill in the name of your “right” to “freedom of the press” and a distain for “censorship”? What about your responsibility for civility and respect for your readers who strive for communication excellence?

Adding insult to injury, you published—apparently, verbatim—the vocabulary skills of a senior student said to be from the College of Business who used a more descriptive form of the same expletive you quoted in your editorial. I assure you that neither the College of Business nor the rest of the university condone such “trash.”

I now appreciate more your advisory that, “The Paisano is NOT sponsored, financed or endorsed by UTSA.” Thank goodness!