Standing up for fellow education major

When I read the February 14th issue of the Paisano I was amused by the response to a letter written by COEHD student Veronica Mars.

Dan Rossiter accuses her of using an alias and spent a good portion of his article belittling her for it. Veronica Mars is very real. I see her daily and she is a dedicated student and I believe she will be an asset as a teacher. It is laughable that Mr. Rossiter could not wrap his head around the possibility that someone else just might have the same name as a character on a television show.

Mr. Rossiter stands by his assumption that COEHD students have inflated grades or easier classes. Logic dictates that such a theory should be backed with evidence. He only provided his (albeit uneducated) opinion based on…what? How did he come to believe that becoming an educator is a cake walk and grades are handed to you on a silver platter? I really don’t know.

I believe Veronica was trying to point out that such speculation is, in fact, very disrespectful and a slight to all her hard work. It is unfortunate that Mr. Rossiter cannot appreciate that.