Art Picks - April 10, 2012

Mat Kubo

“It’s All Going Back” – UTSA Satellite Space

Everything is going back in Mat Kubo’s MFA thesis work, from the frames on the wall to the tool boxes he fills with cereal. “It’s All Going Back” is an ongoing project in which Kubo interacts with store-bought objects, which he documents with still images and videos. Kubo uses mock infomercials, how-to clips and karaoke pushing his audience to question their relationship to the objects they buy. The items are then returned to their original packaging and retail locations containing documentation on DVD and contact information. Kubo’s work is incredibly insightful, mocking consumer culture. ‘It’s All Going Back” will be on display until April 22.

“Juxtapostion of 1970’s with 2012″ – Blue Star Contemporary Art Complex

Initially inspired by Edwin A. Abbott’s Flatland, H.J. Bott’s work speaks through the language of line, shape, form and texture. The lines are memorizing, as they direct their audience through the piece, enticing and often leaving the audience still searching for answers. The exhibition will be on exhibit until April 28.

“Indians for Sale”- UTSA Satellite Space

Joe Harjo’s MFA thesis exhibition uses sculpture, ceramics, installation, photographs and performance prints to discuss Native American Indian identity. Harjo, through his works, looks at misinformed stereotypes, false imagery, representation and identity of Native American Indian culture. Harjo’s work will be on display through April 22.