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Roadrunner football gears up for 2nd annual Football Fiesta Spring Game

football practice

The UTSA football players came ready to practice for their upcoming seaon in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) on Saturday, April 1, 2012. Afterwards, Head Coach Larry Coker had a few words to say. “The skill level has really picked up,” Coach Coker said at the beginning of the interview. “The guys played hard-just like they’re supposed to do.”

Coach Coker said when asked how he would compare last week to this week, “They’re more efficient this week than they were last week. They’ll be more efficient when they play again. The pass protection has been the best since I’ve been here.”

“This week was much, much better. Protection got better and we did more things with defense. We did some special plays and some things. With defense, we got shut out last week, didn’t have a shut out this week, but I think we’ll learn from it.”

The players, both returning and new, also had some things to say about this practice. Returning wide receiver Earon Holmes said, “Practice was hard, but I pushed through it.” He also mentioned what he expected from this season, “I’m expecting us to do big things. I’d be telling you a lie if I was expecting us to go into the WAC and be a freshman team, like everyone expects us. I want us to go into the WAC and win.”

When asked what the team was working on, Holmes said, “We’re just working on getting bigger, faster, stronger and trying to make big plays.”

Considering the move into a big conference Holmes said, “I feel good about it-because we’re going to be on TV! But I know that we gotta step our game up as much as we can, because everybody is bigger, faster and stronger.”

After Holmes was asked how it felt to be at UTSA he said, “It feels great, I love UTSA. Go Roadrunners!” Holmes continued by saying why it was he joined UTSA’s football team, “It’s close to my home, all of my family is here. I like for my whole family to come out here and see me play. I know it would’ve been harder if I would have gone somewhere else to play.”

Brian King, a new free safety on the team, also had a few words about the day’s practice. “It was great. I wanted to come out, run around and have fun.”

When asked about playing for Coach Coker, King said, “It’s a great experience knowing he coached some greats. His passion for football makes me want to play for him.”

King also mentioned why he decided to play for UTSA. “When I came out for my visit I felt a lot of love from the coaches and the players and San Antonio reminded me a lot of my home in Orlando,” King said. So what does the new free safety hope to offer this team for this season? “My athleticism, my speed and just knowing where to be,” King said.

The Roadrunners will play in the second annual UTSA Football Fiesta Spring Game at the Alamodome on Sunday, April 15. The UTSA football team’s 2012 schedule is posted at

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