The Jazz June Fun Fun Fun Fest Interview

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Influential emo band, The Jazz June, has released their first new record in twelve years. The Paisano caught up with Andrew Low, singer/guitarist for the band, this past weekend at Fun Fun Fun Fest to talk about the band’s festival experience and their new release.

Low showed up soon after we unpacked our equipment and we quickly prepped him on what the interview was about.

When asked about the band’s Fun Fun Fun Fest experience, Low commented, “It was fuckin’ full on!”

The band had just played a show with other legendary emo bands such as Mineral, Knapsack and Into It. Over It., the Thursday before.

“The festival has sort of an ebb and flow.” stated Low, as he explained how one can start their day listening to high energy music, relax with a transition to hip-hop and then end on high energy once again provided by some of the festivals headliners.

After confirming that The Jazz June’s Fun Fun Fun Fest experience was indeed “fun fun fun” I asked Low about the new album, titled “After The Earthquake.”

“You are probably one of the few people we’re going to talk to about the album to before it’s released,” he divulged.

Low went on to tell us that the album is due to be released Nov. 11. He then began to explain the writing process for the album was quite different from his past albums. Low explained that most of the writing was done through email. The guitar and vocals were recorded by Low and then sent to drummer, Justin Max, who then sent his recorded version to the other members.

Low went on to explain that after all song writing was completed, they entered the studio with singer songwriter Evan Weiss of Into It. Over It.

“We had never worked with a producer before.” stated Low, but went on to discuss how Weiss’ suggestions really helped with the creative process of recording the album.

“After The Earthquake” was released via Topshelf Records and is now available. A re-release for the bands iconic 2001 album “The Medicine” is also now available on vinyl for the first time via Topshelf Records.