Junior quarterback Eric Soza sits down with the Paisano to talk about football and life

Junior quarterback Eric Soza

Almost every Saturday afternoon in downtown San Antonio, the UTSA football team prepares to play a game they are so passionate about, in front of fans who love the game just as much. But for one player in particular, every opportunity to play football in the Alamodome is a dream turned reality. Junior kinesiology major Eric Soza is the UTSA Roadrunners’ quarterback. For him playing college football is everything he has ever dreamed of and more. 

Growing up, Soza always knew he wanted to play football. He had an irrefutable love for the game, and an undeniable talent that carried him far in his high school career. He knew he did not want his playing days to end on his last day of high school.

“I think that the driving force for me to play college football was that I wanted to test myself and find out how good I could actually be,” Soza said.

After playing football for Texas State and with their football team, he decided to take his talents elsewhere in hopes of starting something new.

 “I saw potential in UTSA. There are not many people who can actually say that they started something from the ground up. I wanted to be a part of that,” Soza said. Soza joined the UTSA Roadrunners and helped lay down the stepping stones of the very first collegiate football team.

There is one game in particular that Soza, along with the entire UTSA student body, cannot wait for the game against Texas State. There has been some Bobcat-Roadrunners rivalry lately, and the football game against Texas State is bound to be an intense matchup. “Luckily, the game against Texas State is in the Dome, and it’s going to be, I think, a very rowdy atmosphere. The Bobcats are also doing well, so I hope we both go into it with high cylinders, and I hope it’s a great game for the fans,” Soza said.

One thing Soza loves just as much as playing football is the relationships he has built with his fellow teammates. Whether it is on the field, at practice, on campus or just hanging around, Soza explains how the friendship between all the players is astounding and how they are all just constantly having fun. When asked about his quarterback, fellow teammate running back David Glasco II said, “He jokes around a lot, and he actually just called me a prima donna. He’s really cool, a great kid, a great person, a great leader. I have a lot of respect for Eric.” Having a strong bond with teammates is something that definitely shows on the field, and it has for sure worked in the Runners favor so far this season.

At the end of the day, Soza is just happy to be a part of something he is passionate about, something that is new and great. “Playing the sport I love for people who love it as well is everything you dream about and more. Seeing the student section go crazy and seeing all the fans in the stands, it’s the most exhilarating moment that you can ever experience. Until you actually see it, and witness it, then you can’t even imagine what it’s like. It’s the greatest feeling in the world,” Soza said.