UTSA wins first home match over Houston Baptist

Soccer season kicked off at UTSA with a 2-1 victory for the Roadrunners over Houston Baptist University. The victory was not easily earned; UTSA had to fight for every shot directed at the opponent’s goal.

While UTSA was dominating the field, in the first half all of the teams 16 shots were slightly above the goal, hitting the crossbar multiple times. At halftime the score was still 0-0.

When the second period started and UTSA picked up right where they left off. At the 65-minute mark UTSA missed two huge opportunities that would have given them their first goal.

Just when a goal for UTSA seemed imminent at the 67-minute mark Amina Radoncic from Houston Baptist broke loose and scored the first goal of the game. Instead of growing pessimistic, UTSA continued on and 10 minutes later Jodi Leroy launched the ball perfectly into the goal’s right hand corner.

Tying it up to 1-1, Freshman Anka Grotle gained the second goal only 12 minutes later securing UTSA’s victory for their first home match.

Grotle attribute the win to supportive teamwork, which was on display when the team was able to pull together and score two quick goals after Houston Baptist.

With a victorious match and an entertaining one, UTSA showed that soccer is more fun when enjoyed live. UTSA next home game will be on Sept 17 against Texas Southern.