Allow all future students to reach their full potential

After reading the article titled, “Admission requirements will change for future students,” I cannot help but have mixed feelings about the situation. Although I do think actions are necessary to improve graduation rates, I honestly feel that it is more important for a student to graduate rather than to graduate in a “timely manner.”

One thing that stands out in this passage is money. All I see is another method stopping admissions and financial aid from distributing the necessary funds to those in need. I believe that there are other strategies that can be put to use in order to promote graduations.

It is obvious to see that UTSA is growing right before our eyes, and with growth, drastic changes will occur. My only concern is that by tightening the admissions requirement, admissions may be preventing a student with great potential from ever reaching their goals.

One trait that I admired about UTSA was, despite its gradual growth, the institution still presented opportunities to students that other colleges wouldn’t accept, and in our effort to become a Tier 1 school, I believe that UTSA has lost sight of that characteristic.