The Paisano Educational Trust
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Our Operation

The Paisano is completely staffed by UTSA student volunteers. This all-volunteer student newspaper is a limited public forum whose content is dictated solely by the student editors. 

Because The Paisano is an independent newspaper, it does not receive support from UTSA or proceeds from student fees or taxes, and students do not earn course credit. Revenues from the advertising pay for the newspaper’s publishing and operating costs. 

The Paisano is part of UTSA’s Student Newspaper Association (SNA), which sponsors the distribution of the newspaper on campus. The Editor-in-Chief serves as the President of the SNA. The Managing Editor is the Vice President of the SNA.

The Paisano Educational Trust

The Paisano publisher is the Paisano Educational Trust. The Trust was established in 1981 as a Section 501 (c) (3) non-profit. Their purpose of The Paisano Educational Trust is to ensure that The Paisano accomplishes the Trust’s goals, which are to educate students in journalism and entrepreneurship and to award scholarships.