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Crush the crisis

Breahna Luera September 11, 2019

Crush the Crisis - Opioid Take Back Day was hosted by volunteers with the Methodist Healthcare hospitals on Saturday, Sept. 7. There were about 80 Methodist hospitals nationwide that participated, and...

Collegiate recovery is an emerging field.

Recovery services available to UTSA community

Alejandro Lopez November 8, 2018

Collegiate recovery is an emerging field that is growing rapidly as more and more universities recognize the need to offer recovery services. The UT System established the UTSA Center for Collegiate Recovery...

Chase Otero: The Paisano

National Recovery Month: Addiction and recovery

David Wenske September 20, 2017

Addiction comes in various forms, but it does not discount the importance of recovery for the affected students. Although the Center for Collegiate Recovery’s (CCR) membership has remained relatively...

Ethan Pham, The Paisano

Consider the alcoholic’s priorities

Vincent Valdez September 13, 2017

I traded in my work boots for student loans. It was a strategic decision. After I got laid off in January, I only had two choices: go back to school or find another job.          Education was never...

Common Link: Episode 3

paisano.online1 November 10, 2016

In this episode, Tania speaks with Matthew Hinojosa--President of the Recovery Center here at UTSA. During the interview, Matt shared his experiences with substance abuse, recovery, and social advocacy. To...

Tipsy or Trashed?

November 19, 2013

Rafael Gutierrez/ The Paisano A group of friends is celebrating a birthday at a local bar. One of the ladies finishes her fourth drink and gets up to use the bathroom, struggling...

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