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DIY day

Cassidy Fritts 2D mural work was shown this past January at The Upstairs Studio.
Courtesy of Cassidy Fritts

Enrique Bonilla

April 3, 2018

UTSA Musicians of Business return with fourth installment of grassroots DIY fest, UTSA Underground, on national DIY day.   Arriving this weekend for a fourth installment is UTSA Underground, a collaborative event headed by UTSA’s Musicians of Business (MOB) in affiliation with Roadrunner Produ...

Modernism at Flax Studio

Courtesy of Katy Silva

Katrina Clements

November 8, 2017

Local artist and professor, Justin Korver’s new exhibit defines gender norms. In San Antonio, there are a variety of museums that display great works of art from before our time. Big name artists seem to take the spotlight off the modern, experimental and emerging artists of the world.  Many of th...

Pony Express

Pony Express

Diego Montoya

February 8, 2017

Have you ever wanted to write a love letter to your loved one using a typewriter or calligraphy pens? Well, now you have the opportunity to do so! The Briscoe Western Art Museum, which is located downtown, is offering a program to the public to write a personal love letter on a vintage typewriter or...

Common Link: Episode 4

Common Link: Episode 4

Tania Siddiqi

November 29, 2016

On this episode, Tania speaks to Amanda Poplawsky-- Curator of AP Art Lab. This art gallery is centered on addressing social justice issues through art. During the segment, Amanda shares the role AP Art Lab plays in creating a space for artists and providing a channel to facilitate conversati...

Blue Star exhibits open downtown

Blue Star exhibits open downtown

Elizabeth Davis

January 26, 2016

Upon visiting the Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum this winter, one may notice that the winter exhibitions seem dissimilar and dense at first glance. Guests are greeted upon arrival with a black clothesline that drapes the furthermost wall of the museum’s Main Gallery and in another area, a display...

Witte exhibit ‘CSI: The Experience’ cracks the case

November 19, 2013

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Witte Museum Do you think you can crack the case? If you have ever wanted to become a forensic scientist like the actors play on TV or gain some hands-on experience in the forensic field, then here is your chance. Witte Museum visitors can play the rol...