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Bill Cosby Incarceration – Paisano Polls

Kat Joseph, Triston Simpson-Bland, Maha Qadri, and Jada Teague

November 15, 2018

Students share their thoughts on Bill Cosby’s sentencing, the Cosby Show being taken off the air and the possible removal of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.   Host- Jada Teague Videographers- Tristan Simpson, Kat Joseph Video editor- Maha Qadri, Kat Joseph (took a backseat) ...

Incarceration of Bill Cosby in the #MeToo era: A whole mess

prison fence

Adrianne Kristianto

October 3, 2018

A man who made us all laugh, a man who gave us valuable lessons in our lives, former “America’s Dad,” Bill Cosby, has been sentenced to three to ten years in jail after being convicted of sexual assault. Playing the famous Dr. Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show, the 81 year-old is heading behind...

Rape culture: a cycle of fear

Tristan Ipock, The Paisano

Jessica Salinas

March 28, 2017

As a 23-year-old woman of color and of small stature, I live in constant fear and paranoia. I never consciously place myself into situations where I can be taken advantage of by people, men especially. Recently, I got into a heated argument with my mother and elder sister about the potential danger of g...

UTSA Dialogues: Bill Cosby

November 23, 2014

The Paisano Trigger Warning for mentions of rape. In this episode of UTSA Dialogues, LaBree Dotson and Linda Perez sit down with Didi to discuss the recent rape allegations against Bill Cosby. ...