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#BlackLivesMatter: The Paisano’s commitment to keeping the UTSA community informed

Illustration by Alex Hanks

Editorial Board

September 15, 2020

The Paisano denounces systemic oppression and racial bias, and we will remain committed to providing you with content covering these issues as we approach our 40th year in circulation.  As student journalists, we are dedicated to providing the UTSA campus community with the latest content about issues f...

Clout-driven activism is not real activism

Photo by Tiffany Hererra

Marina Cruz, Contributing Writer

September 1, 2020

​Performative activism is defined as activism done to increase one’s social capital rather than out of devotion to the cause. It is used in a number of ways to support movements such as LGBTQ+ rights, political events, and most notably, the Black Lives Matter movement. Recent incidents of police brut...

Lackadaisical authority in the face of social justice

Photo By Tiffany Herrera

Kristin Paredez, Contributing Writer

August 25, 2020

I am a Latina and my opinions and life experiences are not representative of how it feels to be Black in America. If you were to ask me whether I believe that looting and destruction of property during the recent unrest over the police murder of George Floyd was understandable, I'd have to say ye...

Our words matter

Graphic courtesy of Samantha Ceballos/The Paisano

Samantha Ceballos

March 29, 2018

Empowerment is for everyone. No one person or group should be treated as though they do not deserve to succeed or move up in the world. We are all worthy of feeling empowered because we all matter. Empowerment is not meant to isolate certain groups while making others feel more powerful. Our words...

What is #BlackLivesMatter

Kat Joseph and Ricardo Rodriguez

April 10, 2017

Ricardo joins the African American Studies Advisory Board at UTSA to discuss their definition of Black Lives Matter. Check out more videos on our Youtube channel.