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Dear AJ: How can I love myself and my body?

Photo Credit: Andrew Salinas/@AK_4hoto7
Alejandro Lopez March 6, 2019

Hello loyal and fellow readers. I hope you are preparing for your week long vacation (Spring Break) or if you work, it’ll just be a normal week, sorry! With Spring Break comes: intoxicated college and...

Body positivity

Photo courtesy of Johnny Silvercloud
Kimiya Factory April 10, 2018

Suns out, buns out; literally. Along with the semester’s final responsibilities comes the mood to soak up some sun. And along with that comes the incentive to bite into a cucumber and live a “healthy”...

Profile: Chelsea Taylor

Photo of Chelsea Taylor
Frankie Leal March 30, 2018

Former UTSA track star Chelsea Taylor is constantly serving the female community around her in any way she can. Whether it’s coaching pageants or publicly speaking on the importance of body positivity,...

Body shaming is out! Body positivity is in!

Ethan Pham, The Paisano
Raquel Simon Calderon September 7, 2016

Body shaming on social media is a nasty current and ongoing topic. Lucky for us, we caught a nice and refreshing break with a new body-positivity movement that is taking things under the sea. In...

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