The Paisano

Booty Feet performing. Photos by Ryan Thompson/ The Paisano

Booty Feet, Hikes, Hawks of Holy Rosary

Ryan Thompson November 10, 2017

When three local Texas bands with unique and euphoric sounds collide for a night to amplify each others energy, you don’t want to miss it. Hikes, a band native to Austin, The Hawks of Holy Rosary...

Behind the Beat Sessions: Booty Feet

Chase Otero and Enrique Bonilla June 29, 2017 The Paisano and Behind the Beat are proud to present Booty Feet live from Downtown San Antonio. Booty Feet is a Progressive...

Local indie band Booty Feet releases first EP

Local indie band Booty Feet releases first EP

Alex Birnel January 18, 2017

Imagine a tiny room packed with 100 people. Imagine those people jumping up and down as if they were trying to separate the floor from the four walls around them. Imagine kids in white, pink and blue lights...

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