The Paisano

Shave off the pounds, save money

Ben Shirani

January 12, 2017

Eating right in college can be tough. Last semester, I overextended my budget (and my love handles). I got behind, homework piled up and my stress level shot through the roof. Something had to give. Instead of sandwiches and homemade snacks, I ended up at Panda Express and Taco Taco in the fifteen m...

To spend or to save? That is the struggle

Anelia Gomez-Cordova

August 16, 2016

Bank account getting uncomfortably low? It happens. Tuition and fees, parking passes, textbooks, a new backpack, clothes, toiletries, storage solutions are just a few items on a college student’s long list of expenses. A new semester is about to start and as exciting as Back-To-School-Shopping is...