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Campus carry ‘exclusion zones’ latest phase: office doors

Ethan Pham, The Paisano

David Rodriguez

September 7, 2016

Campus carry exclusion zones have been the center of UTSA’s campus carry policy since SB 11 went into effect on Aug. 1 2016. UTSA’s campus carry homepage details policy that lists only areas where guns are not allowed, i.e. “exclusion zones,” on campus. One such exclusion zone is “[any] faculty ...

Campus carry is in effect, but debate isn’t over

Senate Bill 11 allows persons eligible under state law to “concealed carry” a handgun. Persons carrying a handgun must store the fire arm in a backpack or wear it so it’s outline is invisible.

Alex Birnel

August 16, 2016

As of Aug. 1, concealed campus carry is legal for persons deemed eligible by state law on all universities in the UT System. The specifics of Senate Bill 11, passed in May, 2015, permits those in possession of concealed handgun licenses to carry their handguns in all places not designated as “...

Making the case for campus carry

Jeremy Kunchandy

August 16, 2016

Shootings. We hear about them every day, from Sandy Hook to Charleston to the closer to home Dallas killings. So frequent are these tragedies that we have become all but numb to the fact that countless Americans meet their end at the end of a barrel every year. We cannot deny that America has a problem. S...

UTSA’s mission unchanged, despite campus carry

UTSA's mission unchanged, despite campus carry

Kathy Funk-Baxter and Steve Barrera

April 5, 2016

This week, the campus carry task force will make its recommendations to President Romo on the implementation of Senate Bill 11 at UTSA. The measure, which takes effect on August 1, 2016, allows for the authorized carrying of concealed weapons in permitted areas on public university campuses. Texas is t...

​Campus Carry Update: Survey to be Distributed to Gather Student, Faculty and Staff Opinions

November 11, 2015

The UTSA Faculty Senate met last Wednesday on the fourth floor in the library to discuss a multitude of topics and to vote on a pair of resolutions that could affect the implementation of campus carry on the UTSA campus. As most UTSA students are aware, the campus carry law will take effect on UT...

‘Classrooms cannot be gun-free zones’

October 13, 2015

Kat Joseph, The Paisano The law has passed, and starting in August 2016, concealed handguns will be allowed on campus. The university cannot control whether or not they will be on campus, but it does have some control over where specifically the guns will be allowed. Senate Bi...

Guns: the problem that keeps shooting

Mia Cabello

October 11, 2015

In the 1950s, Bert the Turtle showed American school children how to “duck and cover” in the event that the Soviet Union used nuclear force against the United States. The duck-and-cover approach — diving under a tree, desk or into a mottled shell in the fetal position — is and would hav...

Guns: What the new law means

August 25, 2015

Notebook, check. Laptop, check. Handgun, check. This could be the list of school supplies for some UTSA students next year. On August 1, 2016, Senate Bill 11 - which Governor Greg Abbott signed into law earlier this year – will take effect, allowing some students to carry handguns onto unive...

Guns in classrooms looming

February 24, 2015

Marcus Connolly, The Paisano Texas Legislature is pushing for concealed firearms in state colleges and universities as the Campus Carry bill passes the Senate’s panel. However, leaders at some Texas schools are worried that the consequences would negatively affect the learning en...