The Paisano

The Road to Success

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Rebecca Saenz

June 9, 2018

To the incoming freshmen, welcome to the University of Texas at San Antonio! Like sitting behind the wheel for the first time, your upcoming college experience might excite, stress or scare you. It’s all right — you will learn to navigate this new world the way a new driver learns to navigate the...

College readiness raises rates

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Editorial Board and Isaac Serna

April 3, 2018

Raising retention and graduation rates at UTSA is often described as our number one academic priority. It is the measure that identifies how many students are receiving an education and following through with their degree plan on-time. The steps leading up to the undergraduate level contributes immensely...

Chemistry professor-started program promotes college readiness

Chemistry professor-started program promotes college readiness

Isaac Serna

March 27, 2018

A group of UTSA faculty believe freshmen haven’t received the foundational skills in science, math and reading required to be successful in college. These professors are working change that. The Chemical Education Research Group (CERG), consists of professors in Chemistry Department and in the College...