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A Graduate’s Guide to An Undergraduate

Image of a graduation cap.
Ben Shirani August 30, 2018

As an entering graduate student, I took time to look back at my undergraduate career and phase out some things that ended up helping me get to this next phase in my life and some of the things that did...

Coffee shops guide

Coffee shops guide
Raquel E. Alonzo September 1, 2017

Are you getting tired of the long lines at Starbucks? Looking for a change of scenery to study? Need a new place to take your boo? Here’s a list of coffee shops that are sure to become your new hangout...

Siesta time

bean bag chairs in the UC
Natalia Brookens September 1, 2017

There’s a common list of important aspects of college life: grades, a social life, coffee and (above all else) napping. Napping becomes important when all the late night study sessions start to add up...

Day trip fun

Day trip fun
Ethan Pham September 1, 2017

Free weekends: that’s what I like most about university life. But sometimes deciding what to do is hard. Here are some day-vacations to spend alone or with your friends. Spend the day like a...

Her Magic

Her Magic
Isaac Serna September 1, 2017

Tucked in the bend of the living room couch, my darling slept. I brushed her baby hairs away from her forehead, paying special attention to her slumber. I didn’t cease watching her until the roll of...

First Generation: Is there a clear definition?

Photo by: Samantha Ceballos
Diana Amaya September 1, 2017

More than 11,000 students make up UTSA’s first-gen student population, but what exactly is a first-gen student? According to UTSA, first-gen students include anyone whose parent(s) or guardian(s) did...

Take a guess

Samantha Ceballos September 1, 2017

Take the quiz here:

San Antonio’s Unique Urban Identity: A Little Old & a Little New

Photo by: Oscar Moreno
Enrique Bonilla August 29, 2017

Music Vibes AMEA: A voice with passion and direction, self-sufficient and diverse. UTSA grad and sociologist, AMEA delivers a unique take on r&b, soul and hip-hop. The Oklahoma native recently wrapped...

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