The Paisano

Schwarzpach riding a Bird scooter.

Bird is the word

Ben Shirani September 12, 2018

Bird, a Santa Monica, Calif. company, brought new options to UTSA commuters for the Fall 2018 semester in the form of pay-by-the-minute electric rideshare scooters commonly called “Birds.” Four...

In San Antonio cars are king

David Wenske October 25, 2017

Public transit in San Antonio is humiliating. Virtually every major city in the US outperforms San Antonio in terms of accessibility and volatility of alternative transportation methods, such as buses,...

Commuter complications

Heather Montoya September 27, 2017

Commuters–warriors of the parking lot; each day is a battle. Timing is crucial, and skill is necessary for survival. . . I mean necessary for finding a parking spot. As difficult as finding a parking...

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