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Our words matter

Our words matter

March 29, 2018



February 6, 2018

We can make a difference

Lizvette Hernandez

September 27, 2017

I believe anyone can make a difference. Sadly, not other freshmen feel that way, and even if they do there’s a difference between wanting to make a change and believing it is possible. My last year in high school went smoothly. ...

Undocumented student writes letter to UTSA president Eighmy

Taylor Zamora

September 20, 2017

Senior communication major Emmanuel Quiroz wanted to know if he and other DACA students could count on the new UTSA president to support them. So, Quiroz asked Eighmy that question in a letter sent on Sept. 4. “I am not asking y...

UTSA community responds to ICE raids

Brianna Orta

March 28, 2017

The Trump administration implemented new immigration rules that have drastically impacted communities across the country. “The ICE rounding up and deporting people, splitting up families and detaining children is sickening...