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Big Sis Advice: Owe You One

Big Sis Advice: Owe You One

Kimiya Factory

November 6, 2019

Fun fact: the game of debate and argumentation is the ex-girlfriend I just couldn’t break up with. Debate is that thing that I can’t shut up about on first dates and a discipline that challenges me to be better. The UTSA Debate Team has been the home I came back to over the past three years of college....

Be kind, rewind: keep an open mind

Editorial Board and Natalie Hollenbeck

October 18, 2018

Is it 2018 in general, or has this been building for decades? It’s clear during highly emotional times, like elections, what our society’s problem is: overzealous aggression. Aggressive behavior, and a difference in opinions, prevent individuals from seeing both sides of any argument. Unless we remind...

San Antonio vs. Austin: A breakdown of Texas’ (borderline) taco civil war

San Antonio vs. Austin: A breakdown of Texas’ (borderline) taco civil war

Ashlee Morales

October 4, 2016

In case you were living under a rock (or outside of Texas) in 2016, you’re aware that San Antonio and Austin, TX became involved in an epic taco war. It all began in mid-February, with the publication of an article in Austin Eater written by Matthew Sedacca crediting Austin as “the birthplace of ...