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The good, the bad and the Brexit

The good, the bad and the Brexit

Ben Shirani

September 11, 2019

Brexit is a bad idea and has been controversial since it was first voted on in June 2016. Brexit’s controversy comes from, as observers have astutely noted, the fact that people were fed false information through a series of sensationalist media campaigns prior to the vote. Even if British voters had...

Athlete of the Week: Charlotte Ellmore

Charlotte Ellmore prepares to pass the ball.

Jose Bouquett

February 6, 2019

Choices define us. Each choice can lead you down a path of success or failure. Charlotte Ellmore made a choice that led her more than 5,000 miles from her home and family, but that choice led her to discover a new family and a new culture. The UTSA freshman point guard was born in Essex, England on ...

Zodiac N’ Black

September 22, 2014

Photo Credits to: Marcus Maschwitz Photography If you’re tired of hearing the mainstream rock bands (or lack of) nowadays, including the metal bands whose screaming and growling vocals you can’t understand without reading the lyrics, my new blog “Rock Across The Pond” is here. The purpose...