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Review: Changing Social Discourses

Los Arboles Que Vieron Todo,” by Daniela Cavazos Madrigal

Sofia Garcia, Arts & Life Editor

January 28, 2020

On display from Jan. 22- Feb. 21, UTSA’s Main Art Gallery’s latest exhibition “Changing Social Discourses” is an arresting collection of personal, artistic narratives curated by UTSA faculty members Libby Rowe and Dr. Scott Sherer. Artists Jennifer Ling Datchuk, Daniela Cavazos Madrigal and Anh...

Defining defiance: Famous Artist’s work showcased at UTSA

Photo Courtesy of UTSA Art Department

Sofia Garcia

November 6, 2019

Curated by David S. Rubin, Salvador Dalí's Stairway to Heaven is being displayed in UTSA’s main gallery. A welcoming aura surrounded Dalí’s exhibit despite the heavy topics, such as the dangers of obsession and evil, displayed on the walls. The artist is known for his affinity for surrealism, centering...

UTSA graduate student Eden Collins presents her MFA thesis: Sometimes I Play With Myself

Anita Finger, The Bathtub Drag Queen

Katrina Clements

November 7, 2018

The way we present ourselves to the world is completely our choice, and to appear calm, collected and professional is what many strive to be perceived as on their route to success. But what about the traits we hide from the outside world? The characters who are full of personality just waiting for their...

UTSA Alumnus Michael Esparza hosts “Día los Muertos” inspired exhibit

Alysha by Michael Esparza

Kirkland Luther

November 2, 2018

Familiar Faces The approaching army continues to grow in size before you, as you stand on top your castle wall. They march in unison until their size quickly overwhelms you. As ruler of the kingdom, you know there is nothing your forces can do to defeat the impending total destruction.  A fireball c...

Moments of amusement, engagement and motivation

“Momento No. 24” painting by Andrea Reyes

Kirkland Luther

October 10, 2018

UTSA alumna Andrea Reyes focuses on being present in the moment Memento, derived from the Latin word meminisse,meaning “to remember,” is typically recognized in “memento mori” which translates to “remember death,” a phrase used to reflect upon mortality. Many people recall this phrase in or...

Deep Roots: An intersection of Borders

Painting by Buentello

Rudy Sanchez

October 2, 2018

A review of UTSA’s latest art exhibition The latest exhibition in the UTSA Main Arts Gallery is unapologetically human. Deep Roots: An Intersection of Borders is a candid and insightful look into the cultural groups affected by colonialism, racism and bigotry. Curated by Chris Davila and Liz Paris, the event displays deeply pers...

Shades of Brown

Kaldric Dow gazing at some of his works from East Side Portraits.

Ryan Thompson

October 2, 2018

UTSA alumnus Kaldric Dow leads representation through his focus on skin tone It is a gloomy Saturday, but a special day for artist Kaldric Dow. It is the opening day of his exhibit, East Side Portraits, and his ecstatic smile helps exemplify all that he is feeling. We originally planned to meet at H...

Manifestations from the black mirror

Courtesy of John McFadden

Devin De Leon

January 31, 2018

John McFadden presents the art that lives in social media.   By combining his personal social media timeline, cell phone photography and online advertising amongst other sources, John Mcfadden manifests his thoughts using vinyl lettering, digital banners and lots of gold streamers. The w...

Femme on film

Last year’s StreetFatale Volume I event at Movement Gallery. Photo courtesy of Carmen Peña

Mackenzie Dyer

January 18, 2018

Lady led street photography exhibit returns to SA   Often underestimated and from different backgrounds, the women of StreetFatale have come together to share their voice and beauty through street photography. They are photographers, femme fatales, StreetFatale. The event is an exhibition of photo...

‘Art of Consciousness’ brings community together

‘Art of Consciousness’ brings community together

Brandon Armstead

April 19, 2017

On April 15, local San Antonio artists gathered at the Movement Gallery to showcase their artwork and celebrate the creative minds of those who make art. The event entitled “Art of Consciousness” was held by the Southwest Worker’s Union and hosted by artists, Jagwired Art and Jose H. Mojica “Wall...

Witte Museum’s “Above and Beyond” air and space exhibit

Jeremiah Hobbs, The Paisano

Jeremiah Hobbs

April 19, 2017

I wanted to begin this article by writing the word "space" in all caps, bold, italic, followed by seventeen exclamation points in order to make you understand how enthusiastic I was about visiting the Witte Museum's new space exhibit, "Above and Beyond: an Interactive Flight Exhibition” presented ...

Terminal 136 displays installations by UTSA art faculty

“The News” by Ken Little. Enrique Bonilla, The Paisano

Enrique Bonilla

April 11, 2017

Each first Thursday of the month, art walks are held in the King Williams Cultural Arts Districts. On April 6 the arts department hosted their opening reception for “Faculty Selects” at Terminal 136 in the Blue Star Arts Complex. The exhibit showcases highlights of 18 artists who currently teach art and...