The Paisano

Catch a tune at The Phantom Room

Photo Courtesy of Michael Turnini

Patrick Martinez

September 14, 2016

Tuesdays are usually laced with school night studying or sleep for work the next day.  However, Tuesday night on Sept. 13, The Phantom Room at 2106 N. Saint Mary’s St. will be hosting three bands and a DJ hugely popular in the San Antonio music scene. With Chicana punk rock band Fea, glammed out horr...

Chicana and proud: an interview with Fea

Photo Courtesy of Fea

Elizabeth Davis

April 12, 2016

Women in the music industry are held to a standard demanding sexual appeal. If a woman aspires to succeed musically, she is often encouraged – if not required – to slim her waist, grow out her hair and augment her breasts and buttocks just to advance her product, pressures and procedures her male counterparts seldom experience. Nevertheless, San Anton...