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Panelists discuss high school African American Studies

Panelists discuss high school African American Studies

Ebony Purks, Staff Writer

February 25, 2020

UTSA hosted a panel of professors, attorneys and activists in the John Peace Library on Feb. 18. They discussed the importance of integrating African American studies into Texas high school curricula. The panel included UTSA professor Dr. Ann Marie Ryan, UTSA lecturer Mario Marcel Salas, Texas A&M-San...

Chief Lewis addresses Feb. 17 protests

Chief Lewis addresses Feb. 17 protests

Josh Peck, News Editor

February 25, 2020

UTSAPD Chief of Police Gerald Lewis held several informal conversation sessions with students, faculty and staff following the on-campus demonstrations which occurred on Feb. 17 to discuss UTSAPD’s actions during the protests. Lewis expressed his view of the actions UTSAPD officers took at the demonstrations. “I...

Got free speech?

Students protest demonstration on campus. Photo by Breahna Luera

Heather Montoya

November 13, 2019

President Taylor Eighmy sent a university-wide email to inform students about Protected Expression on Campus, a new Texas law that went into effect Sept. 1. The state law requires public universities to ensure that their campuses act as traditional public forums, to permit anyone to engage in lawful...

Game companies should protect free speech

Photo by Lindsey Thomas

Leonardo Garcia

October 16, 2019

It is easy to see why students like to play video games in their free time. As a source of entertainment and, in many cases, a stress reliever, video games have become more popular in the last several years. Although videogames are well-liked in the U.S., they are even more in demand in China. China...

Be comfortable being uncomfortable

Protesters staring at each other during a protest on campus

Editorial Board and Brandon Armstead

November 2, 2018

Discomfort is an inevitable part of life; it is also the catalyst for change. The recent protests on campus at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) have stirred up discussion regarding the role freedom of speech plays on a university campus. The clashing of conservative and liberal viewpoints has prom...

Letter to the Editor: Tolerating the intolerant

Protest at a university

Eddie Cruz

November 1, 2018

Free speech is an important right on college campuses in America. It’s also the conservatives’ last resort when someone disagrees with them because there are no grounds for their argument. On Oct. 4, 2018, a right-winged organization known as the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) began a pro-Kavan...

Be kind, rewind: keep an open mind

Editorial Board and Natalie Hollenbeck

October 18, 2018

Is it 2018 in general, or has this been building for decades? It’s clear during highly emotional times, like elections, what our society’s problem is: overzealous aggression. Aggressive behavior, and a difference in opinions, prevent individuals from seeing both sides of any argument. Unless we remind...

Student accused of assault speaks out after protest

Joey Rubbico and Peyton Dillenberg holding signs during protest.

Arnulfo Caballero

October 18, 2018

In this political climate, it is important to remember all free speech is free speech, not just speech that fits a narrative. Everyone has a right to speak freely, despite how much one may disagree with it. Joey Rubbico was part of the protest held by Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) on Oct 4. that...

Faculty free speech on campus

mural about free speech

Heather Montoya

September 27, 2018

The University of Texas at Austin (UT) requested that their faculty remove any outward facing signs from their office windows by Sept. 7. Some of the signs being removed were affiliated with Gunfree UT, an organization opposed to guns on the UT campus. The Daily Texan, UT Austin’s student newspaper,...

Closet politics: UTSA Trump-supporters, comfort and censorship

Rebecca Saenz

September 6, 2018

Teenage Trump-supporter Hunter Richard was assaulted at a San Antonio Whataburger this past July. Assailant Kino Jimenez cursed at him, threw a drink at him and stole his “Make America Great Again” hat. This discrimination-gone-viral confirms that loathsome sentiments against Trump-supporters and...

Letter to the editor: Active anti-facism

Letter to the editor: Active anti-facism

Jade Follette

April 17, 2018

This commentary is a response to the recent piece titled “Casual fascism” by Peyton Dillberg which was published in the Paisano newspaper on April 10, 2018. That piece defends the right to voice views of white supremacy and takes the position that neo-Nazi hate speech should be allowed under princip...

Casual fascism

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Peyton Dillberg

April 10, 2018

After a white supremacist group hung a large banner unapproved by the university, which read “America is our birthright,” outrage ensued. Coalitions of students groups formed as a response to the group’s actions, as did the UTSA Campus Climate team and the Student Action Coalition. The goal expressed b...