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’90s Tech Revolution

'90s Tech Revolution

Jessica Salinas

November 20, 2017

The 1990s, in some ways, was the true beginning of the electronic age. Personal computers evolved from curiosities into essential, ubiquitous parts of everyday life. Information evolved from physical print to digital libraries. Internet and wireless communications extended across the globe and mad...

Pokémon: Evolving since the ’90s

Pokémon: Evolving since the '90s

Oscar Torres

November 20, 2017

The early ‘90s had a surge in gaming thanks to the Sega Game Gear. First, there was the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991, then the Sony Playstation in 1995. However, the key franchise and system most people remember is Pokémon and the Game Boy Color. The franchi...

#2 Metroid

April 20, 2015

Copyright Nintendo. all rights reserved Those of you reading this that were fortunate enough to actually get an original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) upon its release may recall that the system included Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt. It was an innocent time when plumbers n...