The Paisano

What it means to be a writer

Editorial staff

August 22, 2017

Being a writer means having a passion for words and the structure of communication. There are many sides to being a writer. There are worlds inside a creative writer’s mind that other people cannot even begin to fathom. On the other side, the technicalities of language are engaging, and the task of...

Get skewled: grammar is classist

Jeremiah Hobbs

April 20, 2017

Grammar. No other word can bore a person more quickly except, perhaps, the word “mathematics.” The importance of “proper” grammar has been a topic of recent history, especially with the rise in social media and texting, as modes of communication.  You’ll find popular articles like “Does pro...

Oxford comma drama

Graphic by Tristan Ipock, The Paisano

Samantha Ceballos

April 5, 2017

Grammar nerds come forth from your hiding places and rejoice! The Oxford comma is causing conversation outside of the grammar world because people don’t understand or know the controversy surrounding the serial comma. What is an Oxford comma? Aside from its role as a popular meme for grammar love...