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Planting the seed of literacy

Planting the seed of literacy

Kasandra Parker, Marketing Manager

February 4, 2020

Bursting with anticipation, children sat around Jon Lasser as he patiently pulled various items out of his basket. “Is this a seed?” He would ask as he pulled out objects such as pinto beans, eggs, bones and a mistletoe. Many kids engaged Lasser with enthusiastic answers and impressive facts of thei...

UTSA recognized for graduate programs

UTSA recognized for graduate programs

Kaylee Boggan

April 16, 2019

UTSA has been recognized for having several of their graduate programs ranked in the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Graduate Schools Rankings because of the university’s goals of student success and growth. According to the rankings, there are five programs that stand out: social work, public...

How to bounce back after a bad semester

Hard working student.
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Rudy Sanchez

January 16, 2019

After a semester defined by a lackluster performance, remaining optimistic is seemingly impossible. I’ve learned this from experience. Spring 2017: a semester that taught me a lot (not in the classroom, however). Although I learned from that turbulent time, I wouldn’t say that I have “bounced back...