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‘It has been such a powerful cataclysm here’: UTSA professor researches the effects of COVID-19 on the Latino population in America

Photo courtesy of Rogelio Sáenz

Breahna Luera, News Editor

October 16, 2020

The COVID-19 virus has infected over eight million Americans and killed 218,000. One-fifth of the deaths in the U.S. have been identified as Hispanic or Latino. Dr. Rogelio Sáenz, professor and demographer at UTSA, has been studying the effects of COVID-19 on the Latino community in the U.S. and how th...

Researchers promote Latinx participation in STEM field

Dr. Timothy Yuen received an NSF grant to train
Latinx SAISD educators to teach computer science.
Yuen seeks to diversify Latinx participation in STEM. Photo courtesy of Courtney Clevenger.

Josh Peck, News Editor

February 4, 2020

A group of UTSA researchers has partnered with the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) to diversify the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) field starting at the high school level by training Latinx educators to become computer science teachers. Dr. Timothy Yuen, associate profess...

Investing in identity: Felipe Esparza headlining two shows in San Antonio

Photo Courtesy of Troy Conrad

Alex Hanks

October 23, 2019

What is the American dream? When asking ourselves this intriguing question, we typically envision an immigrant family at the bottom of the socioeconomic scale, grinding and fighting for a platform in society. They don’t necessarily have to become billionaires, but one thing holds true: They remained...

UTSA should protect Latinx students against gun violence

UTSA should protect Latinx students against gun violence

Leonardo Garcia

October 9, 2019

My thoughts and prayers go to the victims of mass shootings and their families. The recent mass shootings are causing mass hysteria in today’s society and have become more frequent and deadly in the past 10 years. Shockingly, such events are happening hours away from us. Every time I hear about a mass...

Speaking words of wisdom

Quintanilla recites a piece to a captivated audience.

Julia Maenius

April 10, 2019

Octavio Quintanilla, professor at Our Lady of the Lake University and the first male poet laureate of San Antonio, held a poetry reading and visual showcase on April 4. Quintanilla put his new visual poetry on display in his exhibit. Growing up in Mexico and moving to the valley of Texas for school,...

We’re still here

“Genetic Memory: Xinachtli to Xochitl,” 2018, Jake Prendez

Sydney Jensen

March 27, 2019

The current exhibition at the Centro de Artes Gallery, “Nuestra Latinidad”, consists of artwork from four solo shows which explore identity and connection to one’s heritage and Latinx culture through photography, paintings and drawings. These shows feature pieces from artists of Mexican descent...