The Paisano

Waterway Contamination

Flooding from Hurricane Harvey. 
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Kimiya Factory

August 30, 2018

Research on effects of Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath is still present nearly a year later, research for UTSA’s department of civil and environmental engineering has discovered bacteria contaminating major waterways. UTSA assistant professor, Vikram Kapoor, validated that fecal bacteri...

The horses of Harvey

providing exercising and a free range is crucial for the horses recovery. Mackenzie Dyer/The Paisano

Mackenzie Dyer

October 19, 2017

Although media coverage has since moved on from the shocking destruction caused by Tropical Storm Harvey in Houston, Texas, the city and its inhabitants continue to live with the aftermath. Flood waters continue to recede in many areas, houses are beginning reconstruction or in the process of abandonme...

Roadrunners respond to Hurricane Harvey

Rescuers gather on a flooded highway in Houston, Texas. Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Samuel De Leon and David Wenske

September 7, 2017

Students, faculty and administrators are supporting victims of Hurricane Harvey’s destruction by starting donation drives, volunteering with cleanup efforts and raising money. In a recent email addressing students and faculty, UTSA President Taylor Eighmy outlined UTSA’s efforts to provide relief...

Their eyes were watching Lakewood

Joel Osteen is the senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston. Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

Briyah Phillips

September 7, 2017

Houstonians struck by Hurricane Harvey found Lakewood Church closed to those seeking shelter. The moment word got out via Twitter post by the church’s pastor Joel Osteen, the Twitterverse exploded in rage. Many were appalled that a Christian, of all people, would turn away the needy. But, he wasn...