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Standards of student speech

Photo Courtesy of Alfred MacDonald

Gaige Davila

November 15, 2017

Former UTSA student brings first amendment conflict to national arena   When former UTSA student Alfred MacDonald guests on Tucker Carlson Tonight soon, he’ll be discussing with the show’s namesake why he transferred out of UTSA after just one graduate semester. MacDonald’s story, which...

UTSA Talks Islam and Mass Media

November 18, 2015

Photo Courtesy of Rida Malik UTSA’s Muslim Student Association hosted a panel featuring Sana Saeed, a nonfiction writer and humorist for Al-Jazeera Plus, a news network that reports on humanitarian and political issues around the world. For Friday’s panel, however, she came representing ...

Muslim women at UTSA explain Islamic dress

February 20, 2013

Will Tallent/ The Pasiano Islam is not a culture– it is a religion. Muslims are nota race– they are believers of Islam. Muslim women are not oppressed– they areliberated.Misconceptions are commonly circulated about traditionalIslamic dress and what it means. Muslim students at UTSA spe...