The Paisano

Artist solitude

Preview of Tapley’s “Homebody” exhibit. Photos courtesy of Saralene Tapley

Katrina Clements

January 10, 2018

Mantle Art Space presents first artist talk with Saralene Tapley.   Art is subject to interpretation by the viewer, and while each interpretation is unique, the origin, purpose or meaning the artist intended to portray can become lost in the mix. While some art enthusiasts choose to look ...

Art exhibit turns the ordinary into extraordinary

Enrique Bonilla, The Paisano

Enrique Bonilla

February 8, 2017

Nestled in the historic Deco District of San Antonio, Mantle Art Space continues to provide a home for visual artists. Their third installment—titled “Ordinary Things”—is the work of an Irish-American artist Saralene Tapley. From her home in New York City, Tapley takes on a very active role in ...