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Photo Courtesy of Joey Asturias

Sparking change

Sofia Garcia, Art & Life Editor January 21, 2020

UTSA alumnus Joey Asturias and his team at the Green Lab have started a movement called #GROW2020 that they hope will change the stigma around cannabis. The Green Lab is a marketing agency that aims to...

Counterpoint: Should psychoactive drugs be recreationally acceptable for people to use?

Vincent Valdez November 8, 2017

Drug use is a complicated and delicate subject. Recreational use of illegal psychoactive drugs are prevalent among Americans, as well as the risk of facing charges for illegal drug use. In a 2015 CDC report,...

Marijuana law slackens in SA

Editorial staff October 4, 2017

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar announced a new “cite and release” pilot program aiming to put fewer Bexar County residents, including members of the UTSA student body, in jail for nonviolent crimes—including...

Marcus Connolly / Paisano Plus

It’s 4:20 somewhere

Paisano1 March 2, 2015

So, these are the girls,” Andrew*, UTSA sophomore finance major says, gesturing to his collection of blowpipes. “They all have names — they’re all different. That’s Carmen; she was my first...

‘Legalize marijuana,’ SGA says to Legislature

March 5, 2013

On Feb. 21, UTSA Student Government Association (SGA) passed a resolution calling on the Texas Legislature to legalize marijuana and use the subsequent tax revenue to offset spending cuts made to higher...

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