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Sparking change

Photo Courtesy of Joey Asturias

Sofia Garcia, Art & Life Editor

January 21, 2020

UTSA alumnus Joey Asturias and his team at the Green Lab have started a movement called #GROW2020 that they hope will change the stigma around cannabis. The Green Lab is a marketing agency that aims to endorse different companies involved with marijuana and CBD. Focusing on brand building, the Green Lab...

Counterpoint: Should psychoactive drugs be recreationally acceptable for people to use?

Vincent Valdez

November 8, 2017

Drug use is a complicated and delicate subject. Recreational use of illegal psychoactive drugs are prevalent among Americans, as well as the risk of facing charges for illegal drug use. In a 2015 CDC report, around 1 in 10 people surveyed aged 12 and over had illicit drug use within the past month. Th...

Marijuana law slackens in SA

Editorial staff

October 4, 2017

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar announced a new “cite and release” pilot program aiming to put fewer Bexar County residents, including members of the UTSA student body, in jail for nonviolent crimes—including marijuana possession offenses under four ounces. Instead of arresting offenders on the s...

It’s 4:20 somewhere

Marcus Connolly / Paisano Plus


March 2, 2015

So, these are the girls,” Andrew*, UTSA sophomore finance major says, gesturing to his collection of blowpipes. “They all have names — they’re all different. That’s Carmen; she was my first pipe,” he says pointing to a colorful blue and yellow swirled glass pipe. “This is Medu...

‘Legalize marijuana,’ SGA says to Legislature

March 5, 2013

On Feb. 21, UTSA Student Government Association (SGA) passed a resolution calling on the Texas Legislature to legalize marijuana and use the subsequent tax revenue to offset spending cuts made to higher education.“Marijuana legalization is picking up a lot of steam,” said COLFA Senator Jacob Lo...