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Illustration by Amber Chin

Masculinity so fragile you’re even scared to be clean

Blue Flores, Staff Writer September 29, 2020

Straight men have increasingly been the butt of many hygiene jokes lately. TikTok has exposed men who don’t open up their butt cheeks in the shower, and Twitter has had unofficial competitions to find...

Man crying

Be a man and take care of your health

Editorial Board and Kenyatta Battle November 14, 2018

Men: are three times more likely to commit suicide, six million men suffer from depression (with the majority of male depression cases going undiagnosed), and one-in-nine men will be diagnosed with prostate...

A look at toxic masculinity (COMMENTARY)

A look at toxic masculinity (COMMENTARY)

Justice Lovin March 7, 2017

If you google “Toxic Masculinity” you’re likely to find a list of sources challenging and ‘debunking’ an absurd idea that feminists are using to make manhood a bad thing. What you won’t find...

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