The Paisano

Meditation and Spirituality at UTSA

Emily Hubbard/The Paisano. Members of C-FAST in the Oak Room.

Emily Hubbard

November 1, 2017

UTSA students, faculty and staff are invited to join the Weekly Club for Applied Spiritual Technologies in the UC Oak Room (2.01.20) on Thursdays from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. for group meditation and spiritual discussion. The Club for Applied Spiritual Technology (C-FAST) was formed in 2013 by Sharon...

Meditation, man

Meditation, man

Alyssa Gonzales

May 4, 2016

At one point or another, everyone has heard that meditation is good for emotional and mental health. Whether it’s from an Instagram post of a girl on the beach or from the weird spiritual guru in the latest cinematic comedy, meditation has gotten a bad street name. If you google “benefits of meditation...